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(780) 964-1200 / info at coldfiremedia dot com



$50/hour (on-site). $25/hour (post processing -- optional)

Also ask about our $125, $200, and $300+ packages.



$75/hour (including set-up time and editing).

Also ask about our $350, $800, and larger packages.

Sound Recording


$75/hour (on-site). $50/hour (post processing -- optional)

Negotiable package rate. Contact us for more information.

COLD FIRE MEDIA Edmonton, Alberta

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Hello! I'm Matthew Capowski and I am a freelance media producer who specializes in digital cinematography, photography and sound recording for video. Our mission is making the streamlined production of still and moving images more affordable and available to those with unique meanings to express. Contact us and we will have a pressure free conversation about your vision. view rates and contact information

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